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Open End Podgers | Tethered Tools | King Dick Tools

01675 467 776

Open End Podgers

Open End Podgers | Tethered Tools | King Dick Tools
Open End Podgers

Hot forged from 31 CrV3 Chrome Vanadium
Precisely machined, heat-treatment and zinc-plated
Powerful, high quality steel provides extra
strength for extra leverage

Made to DIN 475

Open End Podgers available in:
Metric: 13mm to 60mm
AF: 1/2" to 2 3/8"
Whitworth: 1/4" to 1 1/2"


AF Open End Podgers | Tethered Tools | King Dick Tools

Part Code Description Price D1 (mm) D2 (mm) Length (mm) Weight (g)
OPA 316T AF 1/2" £29.10 9 N/A 230 200
OPA 318T AF 9/16" £29.10 9 N/A 230 195
OPA 320T AF 5/8" £29.10 9 N/A 230 185
OPA 322T AF 11/16" £34.91 10 N/A 305 280
OPA 324T AF 3/4" £34.91 10 N/A 305 270
OPA 326T AF 13/16" £38.21 13 N/A 380 650
OPA 328T AF 7/8" £38.21 13 N/A 380 660
OPA 330T AF 15/16" £38.21 13 N/A 380 655
OPA 332T AF 1" £43.83 16 N/A 430 1020
OPA 334T AF 1 1/16" £43.83 16 N/A 430 975
OPA 336T AF 1 1/8" £43.83 16 N/A 430 970
OPA 338T AF 1 3/16" £43.83 16 N/A 430 985
OPA 340T AF 1 1/4" £52.11 17 N/A 485 1435
OPA 342T AF 1 5/16" £52.11 17 N/A 485 1385
OPA 344T AF 1 3/8" £70.00 19 N/A 540 2075
OPA 346T AF 1 7/16" £70.00 19 N/A 540 1870
OPA 348T AF 1 1/2" £70.00 19 N/A 540 1935
OPA 352T AF 1 5/8" £111.00 21 N/A 585 2775
OPA 354T AF 1 11/16" £111.00 21 N/A 585 2795
OPA 358T AF 1 13/16" £149.00 22 N/A 635 3840
OPA 360T AF 1 7/8" £153.00 22 N/A 635 3785
OPA 364T AF 2" £153.00 22 N/A 635 3775
OPA 366T AF 2 1/16" £153.00 22 N/A 635 3610
OPA 370T AF 2 3/16" £209.00 27 N/A 690 5875
OPA 372T AF 2 1/4" £209.00 27 N/A 690 6010
OPA 376T AF 2 3/8" £209.00 27 N/A 690 5760

Metric Open End Podgers | Tethered Tools | King Dick Tools

Part Code Description Price D1 (mm) D2 (mm) Length (mm) Weight (g)
OPM 413T Metric 13mm £35.22 9 N/A 230 200
OPM 414T Metric 14mm £35.22 9 N/A 230 175
OPM 416T Metric 16mm £34.91 9 N/A 230 200
OPM 417T Metric 17mm £35.22 10 N/A 305 280
OPM 418T Metric 18mm £35.22 9 N/A 230 200
OPM 419T Metric 19mm £35.22 10 N/A 305 270
OPM 420T Metric 20mm £38.21 13 N/A 380 650
OPM 422T Metric 22mm £38.21 13 N/A 380 660
OPM 424T Metric 24mm £38.21 13 N/A 380 660
OPM 427T Metric 27mm £43.86 16 N/A 430 980
OPM 430T Metric 30mm £43.86 16 N/A 430 1000
OPM 432T Metric 32mm £52.15 17 N/A 485 1430
OPM 436T Metric 36mm £70.00 19 N/A 540 2075
OPM 441T Metric 41mm £111.00 21 N/A 585 2815
OPM 446T Metric 46mm £149.00 22 N/A 635 3935
OPM 450T Metric 50mm £153.00 22 N/A 635 3845
OPM 455T Metric 55mm £209.00 27 N/A 690 5935
OPM 460T Metric 60mm £209.00 27 N/A 690 6000

Whitworth Open End Podgers | Tethered Tools | King Dick Tools

Part Code Description Price D1 (mm) D2 (mm) Length (mm) Weight (g)
OPW 204T Whitworth 1/4"W £34.91 9 N/A 230 215
OPW 205T Whitworth 5/16"W £34.91 9 N/A 230 190
OPW 206T Whitworth 3/8"W £34.91 10 N/A 305 290
OPW 207T Whitworth 7/16"W £38.21 13 N/A 380 660
OPW 208T Whitworth 1/2"W £38.21 13 N/A 380 688
OPW 209T Whitworth 9/16"W £43.87 16 N/A 430 1010
OPW 210T Whitworth 5/8"W £43.87 16 N/A 430 990
OPW 211T Whitworth 11/16"W £52.15 17 N/A 485 1415
OPW 212T Whitworth 3/4"W £52.15 17 N/A 485 1445
OPW 213T Whitworth 13/16"W £70.00 19 N/A 540 2015
OPW 214T Whitworth 7/8"W £70.00 19 N/A 540 1980
OPW 215T Whitworth 15/16"W £111.00 21 N/A 585 2845
OPW 216T Whitworth 1"W £111.00 21 N/A 585 2820
OPW 218T Whitworth 1 1/8"W £149.00 22 N/A 635 4040
OPW 220T Whitworth 1 1/4"W £153.00 22 N/A 635 3630
OPW 222T Whitworth 1 3/8"W £209.00 27 N/A 690 6085
OPW 224T Whitworth 1 1/2"W £209.00 27 N/A 690 5895
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